Coaches & Mentors

Coaches & Mentors

Make connections while getting professional feedback, guidance, and support. Meet with your mentor, engage with your faculty coach, and connect with the NexusLA team.

Connect with your team at NexusLA.

Each team member is required to connect with at least one of the following NexusLA representatives on LinkedIn:

Director of Community Engagement

Nexus Louisiana

Programs & Events Manager

Nexus Louisiana

Marketing Outreach Specialist

Nexus Louisiana

Small Business Coordinator

Nexus Louisiana

Also, this team is available to provide assistance to teams upon request. Please email all correspondence to to ensure a timely response.

Meet with your mentor.

Mentors are a great resource for feedback about your project, discussing your field of study, and maybe even introducing you to potential employment opportunities or business partners.*

Each team will be assigned a mentor, and Nexus Louisiana will make introductions via email. From there, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the mentor to schedule an in-person or virtual meeting. Meetings can consist of phone calls, emails, video conferencing, and in-person.

*Mentors are only allowed to provide guidance and feedback, and may not directly prepare any material submitted by the team.

Engage with your faculty advisor.

Faculty Coaches are there to help your team gain a real-world perspective of the problem they’re trying to solve, navigate the vast resources available at your university, and build relationships with mentors and industry experts.

Here is a list of coaches that have already committed to participate. If you are unable to find a faculty coach, it's recommended that you contact one of the representatives at your university

Get to know the judges.

Final Round Judges

Teams advancing to the final round will be evaluated by a dynamic lineup of business leaders representing a mix of industry and professions from serial entrepreneurs to corporate executives.


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